My name’s Akbar. I’m student of SMP Integral Hidayatullah, class eight. For your information, my school is very comfortable. There are some facilities support us for studying. First of all, there’s a masjid. Its name’s Darul Iman. It’s clean and clear. Here we do salat and learn Al-Qur’an. There are three: north, east, and south door. Meanwhile, we can use for toilets. Next is yard. Look. It’s green and large. Have a fun here, with my friends and I for just a session of football. Our school has a parking area too. One area is for male. It’s on south side. One area is for female on north side. Our school has six classrooms. Three classrooms are for male, three classrooms are for female. There is air conditioner for each room. Last, let’s see the library. There are some books we can read. It’s inspiring. Well, that’s all. Thank you.


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